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Advans For Hire In Liverpool

Advans For Hire In lIverpool


This eye acting mobile advertising method is perfect for grabbing attention instantly and provides impact for both one off events and continuous campaigns.

Whether it's "Fireworks on sale here", Santa's Grotto Now Open", "50% OFF!" or "2 Meals for a Tenner!" we've all made spur of the moment decisions when a particular message has caught our eye.


A correctly positioned Advan can add a sense of urgency to an event, creating an instant upturn in business. One off sales, or time sensitive events can be brought right into the public’s eye straight away creating an "in your face!" announcement that really does work.

See what our customers say:

  • Billy Cope@Kitchen Kraft “In our first three weeks with our advan we had various leads resulting in 3 sales" Kitchen Kraft we so impressed with their Advan they extended 1 months hire to three and also hired another Advan simultaneously for 3 months for another branch.
  • Dave@Mersey MDF, Plas and Ply, "We have moved away from advertising in the local papers and gone for this more direct and cost effective approach. I have recommended Kirkby Signs Advans to everyone as they really do work!"
  • Sue@One Stop Stairs “Pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest our van has generated in its first week!"
  • Peter@Kirkby Clutch, "I put the advan out and I was really busy, when it went back my work dropped off so it speaks for itself"
  • Gary@Zone Fitness "Made up with the guys at Kirkby Signs nothing was too much trouble. My advan really worked for me for the month and I’ve already re booked"
  • Tom@Moss Landcsapes "Can’t fault these guys, they do what it says on the tin. If you need more work get an Advan!"
  • Jay@Circo "These vans are great for targeting specific audiences, we had a great success advertising our Student Nights by using strategic locations"
  • Simon@Cash for Clothes "We knew when are advan was parked in the local Town Centre as we doubled our turnover for the day!"

Our advans come in 3 sizes Midi, Medium & Mega. Midi Advans are ideal for events with limited space or were parking is limited. They are a quirky gimmick and make an instant impact.

Medium Advans are our most popular choice and we are permanently fully booked! These vans are slightly smaller than full size advans (4 x 2.5mtrs) and are static which is why they are so cost effective.

Mega Advans are full size two 48-sheet size posters (20ft x 10ft or 6 x 3 mtrs) on each side and are driven around target areas. We tend to hire Mega Advans to larger companies like supermarkets or Housing developments, it’s becoming a far better way of advertising than static billboards and the advantage over radio is it cannot be turned off!

We can take care of all your artwork and we print the banners in-house which makes us cost effective and quick!

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