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External Signs In Liverpool


The sign above a shop or in its window plays an important role in attracting custom so it's crucial that it is done right. Shop fascias are one of the more interesting formats in sign making because the different possibilities range right across the spectrum from simple black text on a white background to 3D back-lit lettering or panels and trays.

They come in all shapes, sizes and specifications and we treated each and every job individually. You can start with simple vinyl lettering through to flat cut letters or illuminated back lit panels.

A well designed and manufactured sign provides a constant reminder of who you are and what you do.

People continuously register signs, whether they are aware of doing this or not, and will have made a mental note of your business even if they have no need for your services at that time.

Your sign generate awareness and basically says "Here we are!” We can make sure that your sign is doing this for you.

We can advise you on all the styles and technologies available and offer ideas on what would suit your needs. You can also use your shop window to complement the signage by using vinyl detail on the glass to create the style you're looking for and to form the shape and image of your business. Commercial signage covers a wide variety of projects and these represent a substantial part of our business.

Design & build signage schemes for shopping centres, retail parks, office developments, schools, healthcare, leisure and hospitality venues all benefit from our experience, resources, skills and keen attitude. Industrial signage tend to be larger projects that require specialist equipment which is why we have invested in our own cherry picker and IPAF certificates. 

Aluminium Composite Signs

This is out most popular sign. We print onto a digital media which is then laminated and mounted onto the sheets. Can also be used in conjunction with an alumium frame. Boards come in a range of powder coated finished and vinyl lettering can be applied to achieve the desired finish.

Illuminated Signs Liverpool

Typically used in fast food restaurants for menus and external signage.

Consists of an illuminated back box with either led or fluorescent tubes then the front panels can either be slid in perspex or a folded aluminium composite tray with letters cut out so the light shines through.

Health & Safety Signs

We have every safety sign for all your legal requirements made to any size as stickers, on plastic or on powder coated aluminium composite, for use indoors and outdoors as main building/developer's site signage or small stickers for factories, schools, pubs or restaurants.

Folded Tray Signs Liverpool

We can fold aluminium composite sheets to form a tray which can be mounted directly on to a wall or a timber frame. Looks a lot more expensive than a flat sign and can be illuminated and come in many finishes for example brushed steel.

Correx Board Signs Liverpool

Correx is a fluted substrate usually used for FOR SALE & Construction Site boards.

Our Correx signs are suitable for a huge range of construction environments and come in full colour digital print.

Stand Off Letter Signs Liverpool

Cut on our CNC router these letters can transform your sign and letters can be cut out of any colour inc brushed steel, chrome and mirror gold.


Building sites require construction hoarding to ensure site safety and security.
This can be utilised to advertise properties for rent or sale on the run up to completion.
The space on site hoarding boards is the ideal place for eye catching graphics and branded messages - helping to boost promotion of the project within the community.
We offer a bespoke design service to help you create your hoarding.
Each hoarding is different and we can also advise on its construction to get the maximum effect for your design.

Foamex Board Signs Liverpool

Foamex is a foam board which is widely used for exhibitions and displays. We can also make health and safety signs and information signs out of foamex.